In a crowded market place, it is imperative to stand out from any noise generated by your competition. One channel that you may consider is print advertising.

Once the main form of advertising, it’s hardly surprising that print adverts have been pushed towards the back of the queue in the digital world that we live in. And why wouldn’t they be? They are often expensive, untrackable and considered “old-fashioned”.

When it comes to putting together an ad campaign it can be a minefield breaking through to your audience without your message being interrupted along the way. This, paired with being passionate about your brand, makes it very easy to get carried away when writing ad copy.  You write the copy, add in some benefits, add a bit more copy here, then a bit more copy there; and before you know it, you’ve written an article! Some think it’s the best value for money, but this isn’t what the aim of advertising is.

It’s safe – and safe doesn’t always pay off the way you want it to.

There are different forms of print advertising from brand, classified and response to name a few. Each one has a different purpose but let’s focus solely on brand ads – if you’re expecting people to pick up the phone and call you, then brand building adverts aren’t for you. These high impactful adverts should be easy to understand and highly recognisable to a wide audience.

When a brand can convey a strong message using minimal text and strong imagery, we start to pay attention. Some clever brands have found a way of saying a lot, by saying very little, in a very effective way.

Top brand adverts:

We’re all familiar with KitKat’s “have a break” strapline and the iconic shape of the snack, paired together to symbolise putting life on pause, makes this ad one of my personal favourites.