On 14 September, Kirsty – our social media and digital lead – died suddenly and unexpectedly at home. We are all in shock and devastated by the news.

She was a much-loved, talented, loyal and valued member of Faith PR who made an impression from day one when she joined as an intern in 2014. She quickly grew to become an important member of the team and forged a unique and niche role for herself, taking the lead on all things social media and digital. We will miss her so much and her legacy at Faith will always live on. Our thoughts and love go out to her family.

Stephen Naylor, part of the Faith family, has written about his memories of our beloved colleague:

I remember the first time I met Kirsty. Sitting alongside Stefanie in the meeting room of Faith’s old offices asking her why she wanted to come and do work experience. She was nervous, but she clearly was strong, committed and passionate and we had no hesitation in offering her the chance to come and join the team while she was still studying. Seven years on, she remained a valued, trusted and experienced member of the Faith team having been so successful that she was too good to let go.

As much as Kirsty was a work colleague to me, and to everyone at Faith, she was more importantly a close friend. And I cannot believe she has gone.

Kirsty’s dry sense of humour instantly made me like her, she didn’t take any prisoners and would certainly not hold back in telling you what she thought. She had a life that was not easy – to say the least – but she navigated it as someone determined to make whatever was thrown at her work, and always thinking of others first despite everything.

I was lucky enough to be at her wedding to Shaun in November 2018 and, of course, she hated the fact she was the centre of attention. But she looked beautiful and they looked incredibly happy together. When their son was born less than 12 months later, she became a brilliant mum – and was a rock for the family when it seemed everything possible was being thrown at them. She was, quite simply, an incredible person.

My heart aches for her son, her husband and her family, I cannot imagine what they are going through.

Kirsty, I hope you knew how much we all loved you and how special you were. You will always be with us, we will just always wish you were closer.