Gas generator service and maintenance specialist, N-ERGY, has announced a working partnership with Amur, the part of AB Agri that specialises in Anaerobic Digestion (AD) plant services, that will help AD plant operators improve their return on investment.

Combining the expertise of both companies, the partnership will help farms and AD operators get the best possible return on their investment by offering a complete package for AD plant servicing and maintenance. The offerings can be used in tandem, or individually if only one area of improvement is required.

Amur offers digester health checks for AD operators to ensure that the gas yield is at the highest level possible, and recommends improvements for digesters that are not performing at their best.

Amur can also help the AD plant operator by sourcing feedstocks to supplement their in-house supply, maximising revenues for their asset.

With the new partnership Amur will offer three levels of service for operators:

• A three-month health check, which involves a site visit to investigate the current situation, laboratory testing of samples from the digester and recommendations to increase gas yield
• Plants may also sign up for 12 months’ support, which builds on the health check, to offer a longer-term service, ensuring stability throughout the year
• If the AD plant is experiencing a high number of issues, AMUR can provide a bespoke consultancy service to help the digester return to health and perform consistently

Headquartered in Wetherby, West Yorkshire, N-ERGY services and maintains gas engine generators across the UK and is able offer services for all brands of engines and generators. Like AMUR, they are not tied to any manufacturer or specific technology, so are able to offer impartial advice.

N-ERGY business development director, Keith Robertshaw, said: “For an AD plant to run at its most efficient it requires food digester health to generate the highest quality and volume of gas, as well as regular routine servicing to keep the engine performing at its best and the right energy sales tariffs.

“We service many generators operating on Anaerobic Digestion plants, and we see many issues with the quality of the gas from the digester. Working with AMUR seemed a natural fit for N-ERGY to help our customers get the best gas yield from the plant.

“We believe in delivering the best technical and commercial solution to help the farmers realise their return on investment, so we like the fact that AMUR are able to offer advice to farmers without any motive to sell products or other services.”

General manager of Amur, Nigel Lee, said: “Amur has significant experience in improving digester health, and has also built and operates its own 5MWth AD plant in Yorkshire.

“From our laboratories at York Science Park, we are able to offer comprehensive in-house testing, and by being part of AB Agri, we have access to a range of feedstocks and additives to help the farmer get the best results.”

The partnership, which is already engaging with a number of customers will help bring stronger returns to the AD community and give them a focus to get the best from their plants.