Could your business benefit from a PR retainer, or is a one-off PR project more suited to your needs? Our Account Manager, Abigail, explains the pros and cons of both.  

One-off PR projects 

A one-off PR project can be a fantastic option for those looking to build momentum around a specific event. It’s also a good choice for those looking to dip their toe into the world of public relations without committing to longer term activity just yet.  

If you have never done any PR activity before, a PR project is a good way to test the waters of PR as a marketing channel and see what you think.  

Projects can be as short as you require but it’s worth considering the preparation work and strategising that need time to be done. To fully reap the rewards of organic marketing, it does take time. At three months, you can expect to see a rise in engagement, at six months better leads will start to appear and at nine months you can see a significant improvement in direct outreach and site traffic.  

However, while one-off projects have their benefits, they aren’t always the right fit. If you’re looking to factor PR into your long-term strategy, then a retainer is likely the option for you.  

Long term results can only be achieved by creating a long-term communications strategy. PR is all about creating a lasting, positive reputation for your brand, which can’t be done if your efforts are short and sweet.  

Here are some examples of when a PR project might be a good fit:  

  • Product launch  
  • One-off event  
  • Short term campaign (i.e. Black Friday)  

PR retainers  

A PR retainer can support your business longer term and provide you with the full benefits of being a retained agency client.  

This means a dedicated account team to work on your activity as well as long-term, bespoke strategies. Retainers are often more cost effective too, reducing your PR fees, bonus!  

A PR retainer is generally made up of a range of services. This can include:  

  • Press office  
  • Award writing  
  • Profiling  
  • Features  
  • Campaigns  

An agency will work with you to determine the perfect blend of services to achieve your goals over a set period of time. Retained clients can benefit from ongoing support, consultancy and results. If you don’t want your brand to be a flash in the pan but want to generate sustained growth and awareness, then a PR retainer is for you.  

If you have any questions about our retainers, or what our services include, please contact a member of our team today.  

You can also check out some of our previous work to let the results speak for themselves!