The Sound of Tea set to infuse the UK this spring

Yorkshire-based arts organisation Manasamitra is taking its latest innovative project on tour this spring. The Sound of Tea – a multi-sensory celebration of the tradition of tea through the ages – incorporates musical performance and digital technology, creating a unique performance each time.

The premiere, The Sound of Tea, will be performed at London’s King’s Place on 12th March. The show will then tour the UK, incorporating live music mixes with lighting and soundscapes, participatory tea rituals and cutting-edge digital technology, which is used to capture and reflect audience responses in real-time.

Creator and musician Supriya Nagarajan uses her experience of synesthesia to explore the interplay between sound, sight, smell, taste, and touch. The Sound of Tea will also feature a number of unique interactive touch-screen electro-tables, developed by Professor Mick Grierson from the University of Arts London (UAL). This technology will allow the audience to influence the performance, meaning each show will be bespoke to that particular venue and audience.

The Manasamitra team will also be working alongside tea consultant Beverley Wainwright and actress and cultural educator Fenfen Huang, who will take on the role of master of ceremonies for the project.

Excited for the launch of the new tour, Supriya said: “Our team are incredibly happy to be able to bring The Sound of Tea to audiences this Spring. With the help of Mick, Beverley and Fenfen we’ve worked extremely hard to bring this project to life in a fully immersive way to capture the story of tea and its role in different cultures, as well as exploring the fascinating phenomenon of synaesthesia.

“Individuals who experience synaesthesia may see sounds or hear colours, providing a multi-sensory experience. The Sound of Tea will embody that harmonious relationship between the senses and bring that to a general audience.”

Supriya will take centre stage for The Sound of Tea alongside James Cave on cello, Karin de Fleyt on the flute, Adrian Sadr on the daf, Fenfen Huang as MC as well as Duncan Chapman managing the soundscape and electro-tables.

The Sound of Tea tour will begin in London on the 12th March and will perform in the following venues:

  • 12th March- Kings Place, London
  • 7th May- Dewsbury Minster, Dewsbury
  • 9th May- LBT, Huddersfield
  • 10th May- LBT, Huddersfield
  • 7th June- Victoria Hall, Settle
  • 9th June- National Centre for Early Music, York

Tickets are available now from both venue box offices and official websites.