Award applications don’t have to be complicated – read our simple tips to put together an award-winning submission:

Keep the entry simple
Make sure the award entry is easy to understand, answers the criteria for each question and is clear, backed up by evidence if appropriate.

Remember your audience
Don’t assume any prior knowledge of your company or organisation from the judges – make sure you explain what you do and how you do it. Include background information but not jargon.

Give specific examples
Be specific, explain clearly and concisely but don’t add in unnecessary words just to meet the word count. It is important there is solid evidence against the criteria and facts and figures are always useful to back up claims.

Why you should win
Don’t be shy about shouting about your achievements – it is, after all, about promoting yourself in the best light. Explain what is different about you and your achievements, show off your personality and make it an interesting read.

Proofread your entry
You would be surprised how many entries are not checked and then checked again before being submitted and contain spelling and grammatical errors. The judges will notice these and it gives a bad impression of your entry before they even consider the content.

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