In a region that was once known as the “cradle of the industrial revolution”, working for a PR agency in Calderdale can be a ride filled with emotions and joy.

As defined by the PRCA, Public Relations helps organisations communicate with their audience and build a positive reputation.

However, in a place that is at the heart of the Yorkshire Pennines, a PR professional’s life can be varied – and more than just building public image and reputation.

Calderdale’s economy comprises more than 6,800 small businesses across the region, with the potential to employ a diverse workforce. An opportunity to work at a PR agency in Calderdale may help these upcoming businesses to effectively maximise their operations and influence the media to represent their organisation positively.


Writing engaging SEO-driven content for local businesses, finding the right media opportunity for them, and strategically communicating their message to the public can be one of the many responsibilities of a PR professional.

Moreover, there is more to the job than the traditional portfolio of work responsibilities. There is a scope for PR to personally connect with these organisations and oversee their growth and achievements.

Working in the Calderdale region opens countless doors for PR professionals. It helps them to thrive along with cementing trust between a brand and the public.

Faith PR is one of the fastest-growing PR agencies in the region. We successfully managed to generate a high level of media traction for Calderdale-based Red Diamond Executive Headhunters.

We achieved this feat by gaining a good level of coverage and exposure despite the recent covid pandemic. This resulted in the company continuing its successful drive to attract and secure new high-profile clients throughout the lockdown period .

These exemplary results represent one of the accomplishments that a PR professional will come across during their time in Calderdale. Managing and establishing media credentials on a national as well as regional level will allow local businesses to flourish.

There is more than developing brand awareness and reputation management when working for a regional PR agency. It offers the chance to promote the initiatives of your local council or government.

Faith PR was appointed by a local council to encourage the uptake of the covid vaccination among 16–30-year-olds.

We created content by collaborating with a variety of influencers on Instagram and TikTok to reach all our target audiences. This reached more than 69,765 people with 78,342 impressions and 7,283 unique engagements.


The list of benefits may range from establishing relationships with leaders and influential personalities in the region, helping businesses of all sizes to grow and build their way into the national scene and achieving a sense of pride and respect.

When working in Calderdale, which was once famous for inspiring poets, novelists, painters and musicians, A PR professional will likely encounter a host of opportunities and openings to provide a catalyst for their client’s growth.